Millions of years ago our ancestors Homo erectus developed one skill which differentiated us from all other animals- Ability to Communicate...

But are you extracting the full benefits from this ancestral gift - Your Ability to Communicate??? 

4 Hours Integrated Communication Skill Workshop 

For the first time explore the integrated power of all 3 types of communication skills collectively- 

  • Public speaking for  professional growth
  • Interpersonal communication for personal growth 
  • Self-talk for  inner growth 
This is a Limited Edition LIVE Event by Praveen Wadalkar
( 9-Times TEDx speaker , Quarterfinalist world champion of public speaking , Economic times Entrepreneurship award winner)

Don't let money stop you from reaching career success!!
Introducing pay-as-you-wish system to encourage educational pursuits.
3 hours LIVE workshop + 1 hour LIVE FAQ + E-BOOK  +Post-Workshop Workbook

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What you'll learn

This workshop will change your perspective towards COMMUNICATION
Which will lead you to the 3 most important growth
factors- Professional, Personal and Inner-growth.

Public speaking skill for your professional growth

  • Learn how public speaking skill can boost your professional productivity
  • Learn to uproot the fear of public speaking permanently by developing the strong mindset
  • Learn the proper techniques for presenting yourself in a calm, composed, and naturally comfortable way
  • ​Learn how you can implement the techniques in your day to day life to grow professionally 

Interpersonal communication for your personal growth

  • Learn the DEMONS of conversations - 6 fatal mistakes to avoid in one to one conversation 
  •  Learn practical and daily rituals to enhance your communication to build strong relationship with every individual of your life ( Family , friends , colleagues , boss etc ) 
  • Learn how to build quality conversation with strangers
  • ​​Understand how to implement the techniques in your everyday life to grow personally

Self -talk communication for your inner growth 

  • Learn how to meditate  with your thoughts
  • Understand the functioning of talking mind and peaceful mind
  • Learn the techniques of keeping your mind quiet whenever you want
  • ​Learn to achieve complete psychological sanity to improve your focus
  • ​The techniques taught in this workshop will help you increase your self-esteem from within

This workshop is a pathway to harness the true power of each word you use …

Post ticket booking kindly watch  7 min pre-workshop video to prepare your mind and tools for this workshop.

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Hosted By 

"Identifying and learning skills is the mantra for success. In this workshop, you can learn how you can transform your life by learning communication skill. This skill is transforming my life continuously. If you want to live a life which you have imagined for yourself these workshop is for you. If you are keen to grow & want to explore the full potential of your life let's meet LIVE. Book your seat now"

Feedback and Testimonials Shared By The Attendees.

My Transformation Journey!!

Note: This workshop is NOT for those people who do not want to work hard and hesitate to learn new growth skills. 

"Learning New Skill Is The Fuel For Transformation"

Frequently Asked Questions 

How should I prepare for this workshop ? 
Pen, Papers and an inquisitive mind is all you need to take the maximum benefits from this workshop 
Is online workshop interactive or only one-sided? 
All my online workshops are highly interactive! 
You will not only enjoy live video and audio but also interact with me in 5 different ways: 
1. Whenever you have a doubt click on the "raise hand" icon so i can  addresses your doubt. 
2. You can write comments which are visible to other participants. 
3. You can also write comments privately to me.
4. You can participate in poll and also enjoy access to poll report instantly.
5. If you wish to speak during the training , you can ask your me to un-mute you (Preferred during FAQ session).
How will I join the online workshop? 
Our support desk will email you once your booking is complete. There will be a link and a password provided for you to access the content. It is VERY important that you do not share your password with anyone!
Do I need to download any app for this live workshop?
Yes! Please download the Zoom application. Post-booking check your e-mail for the download link.

Will I get a reminder before the workshop begins?
Yes, 24 hours and 1 hour before the live workshop begins, you will receive an email and SMS. However setting a cellphone reminder from your end is also recommended
What if I miss the Workshop? Will I be refunded?
Yes, you will get a refund only if you cancel your seat 24Hrs prior to the event commencement. You will have to Email our support team for the same at

"If you are among those who love to explore, learn and grow faster let's meet LIVE"

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